Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Treatment


Sleep Apnea can occur at any age, although commonly, onset appears during adulthood and frequently worsens as the years pass. The decline in satisfying sleep due to snoring and Sleep Apnea is often triggered by the loss of muscle tone that comes with advancing age.

Sleep Apnea is also common amongst those who are obese. Sleep Apnea occurring in overweight patients is especially unfortunate because it helps to perpetuate a vicious cycle. One of the restorative benefits of a healthy sleep is directly correlated to the regulation of metabolism during the night. In addition, lack of a well-rested body contributes to sluggishness and grogginess during the waking hours. This deficit of energy does not inspire an active lifestyle. While the body suffers from a lack of exercise the brain experiences a lack of motivation, positivity and desire. This produces a sense of being "stuck" in a sort of physical and mental purgatory, and is definitely not a positive contribution to living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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