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The average human being spends an estimated one third of their life sleeping. This roughly equates to spending 25 years in a state of sleep! Sleep provides the body and mind with the necessary adjustments and upkeep that make for a healthy and fulfilling life. To sleep is to be human. It is a necessary function of the human body. 

Sleep restores the body and mind by enabling many complex actions directed by the brain. The human brain is the body's control center; and just as the brain is undoubtedly active during waking hours, it remains at work during sleep as well. Unconscious and involuntary actions, like the beating of the heart is directed by the extraordinary brain. Breathing is also controlled by the brain; it's processes allow for the skill and mastery of many waking activities, such as running, swimming, or practicing yoga. During sleep, the brain regulates breathing in a steady and uninterrupted pattern. Unfortunately though, not all states of sleep are created equally. More than half of Americans engage in snoring to some degree, and an estimated 30 million are afflicted with the serious and sometimes fatal affliction of Sleep Apnea.

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